Ezras Choilim’s Rehabilitation Department is divided into 3 areas: physical, speech and occupational therapy, each consisting of professionally-trained and caring practitioners. Our physical therapists treat patients with a broad range of conditions that include, among others, musculoskeletal conditions, specific postural conditions and injuries, as well as children and infants with cerebral palsy, hypertonia and other motor delays. Speech therapy is available to patients with language delays, speech disorders and learning disabilities. The occupational therapists on our team help patients with many conditions including but not limited to developmental delay, hand injuries, arthritis and neurological conditions to enhance their occupational performance and overall quality of life.



Tamy Skaist – Practice Manager


Department Hours

Sunday9am - 5pm
Monday - Thursday9am - 8pm
Friday9am - 3pm

Contact Information

TelephoneDial 845.782.3242 then press #6